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Friends of the Film!

This project has been a labor of love and we want to thank all our Friends who helped us
in reaching our goal of finishing this film in 2012. From the bottom of our hearts....THANKS!!!

Paul F. Anderson

Walter Bizon

Gary and Lynn Dauby

Santa Bob Elkin

Mark and Rebecca Fenn

Joan Goble

Santa Craig Imboden

Valerie King

James Lellman

Karen Lyons

Timothy Mack

James North

Harold Norvell

Charles O'Dell

Jerry Owens

Christopher Parada


Gail Rissler

Santa Dave and Eileen Strom

Santa Pat

Santa Tom

Shannon Settles

Thomas Sheerin

Lawrence Stoen

Andrew Stratton

Cheri Taylor

David Troutman

April Walters

They Wore the Red Suit™
©2012, Power Plant Productions, LLC